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【SDG 17】Standing in solidarity with cities worldwide through donation and experience sharing

Standing in solidarity with cities worldwide through donation and experience sharing
In 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, various countries reported shortages of pandemic prevention materials. After receiving such reports from sister cities, the New Taipei City Government combined resources from across departments and communities and sent packages in the name of the Mayor Hou to cities that we have maintained long-standing friendly relations with, such as the US cities of Cincinnati, San Francisco, and New York and the German municipality of Steinberg. The pandemic prevention materials included 2,300 isolation gowns, 1,890 face shields, and 800 sets of fabric face masks. In 2020, when Taiwan successfully prevented a widespread pandemic outbreak, New Taipei City published an English version of the pandemic prevention manual based on the city’s experience and shared it with international partners through multiple online conferences, social media platforms, and e-mail. In this process, New Taipei engaged in online communication with more than 1,000 cities, with a total of 12 countries and 66 embassies having participated in the conferences. New Taipei was later invited to participate in multiple online international forums to share its pandemic prevention experience with numerous cities, international organizations, and institutions at home and abroad.

Competent Authority:The Secretariat, Education Department, and the Economic Development Department
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