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【SDG 17】Comma Lab: break free and change

Comma Lab: break free and change
Office space in the public sector can take into account both design elements and environmental friendliness. New Taipei City’s Secretariat commissioned J.C. Architecture to design the Comma Lab, which has broken the stereotypical impression of public sector offices and won numerous international design awards. The Comma Lab is an open site in the city hall that brings numerous possibilities. The tables and chairs are designed with environmental protection in mind. It encourages employees to break free from traditional thinking, reduce the distance between people, jointly stimulate creativity, and bravely confront challenges. The city government hopes to solve urban problems through design and convey the co-creation values of SDG partners. The Comma Lab won a major award at the Taiwan Interior Design (TID) Awards (i.e. the TID Jury Award), as well as the Workspace TID Award for Work Space/Office Space, and the Red Dot Design Award in 2021. Director General of the Secretariat Chingyu Yao remarked that the public sector should focus on beauty beyond the surface.That is, good designs aiming for solving the cities’ problems should be paid more attention to.

Competent Authority:The Secretariat × J.C. Architecture
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