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【SDG 13】New Taipei takes the lead in initiative for carbon net zero

New Taipei takes the lead in initiative for carbon net zero
New Taipei City signed the Climate Emergency Declaration in 2020, announcing its climate vision for 2030. In 2021, in response to international trends relating to the continuing expansion of climate-related governance practices, the city government announced its initiative to lead the way in achieving net-zero carbon emissions. This initiative was announced on Earth Day April 22, 2021, which involves transforming Bali into a net-zero carbon demonstration zone, achieving carbon neutrality at the Sanchong Second Administrative Center, and incorporating zero-carbon design concepts into urban renewal and major development plans (e.g., Wenzizun redevelopment zone and northern and southern Luzhou redevelopment zones). To achieve its goal of net-zero carbon by 2050, the city government drafted three strategies and five guidelines.The three strategies are (1) transitioning from fossil fuels to electricity and zero-carbon fuels, (2) upgrading equipment to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy use, and (3) adopting renewable or clean energy sources for electricity. The five guidelines are (1) energy transformation, (2) efficiency boost, (3) smart transportation, (4) circular economy, and (5) resilience and adjustments. To demonstrate its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality, the city also joined the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Cities Race to Zero initiative.

Competent Authority:The Department of Environmental Protection
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