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【SDG 13】Greener and more efficient: Smart Energy-Saving Measures

Greener and more efficient: Smart Energy-Saving Measures
In order to encourage enterprises to incorporate technology and energy conservation to achieve low-carbon transformation, the New Taipei City Government has held the “Smart Energy-Saving Transformation Plan for Service Industries and the Selection of Outstanding Enterprises in Smart-Energy Saving” activity to encourage and subsidize companies to adopt energy-saving systems and to give recognition to selected companies for their progress in energy saving. According to the Economic Development Department, 20 companies and factories had outstanding energy-saving performance in 2020, and the average power-saving rate in 2019 reached 10%, saving energy expenditure of NT$21.36 million and reducing electricity usage by 7.12 million kWh. This activity shows that companies are gradually using energy management systems to manage power consumption, monitor energy consumption behaviors, and conduct further improvements to achieve energy-saving benefits. The city government also hopes to continue promoting the development of the green energy industry through providing smart energy-saving rewards in the future, thereby accelerating its progress toward becoming a low-carbon city.

Competent Authority:Economic Development Department × Twenty companies including Panasonic Taiwan Co., Ltd
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