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【SDG 11】Public market renovated to create safe and hygienic shopping environments

Public market renovated to create safe and hygienic shopping environments
Markets are essential places for citizens. To create safe and hygienic shopping environments, the New Taipei City Government has implemented public safety improvement measures and conducted maintenance in markets since 2014. Thus far, reinforcement construction of 26 markets has been completed, and the Linkou Market has been renovated. These measures enhance both the physical facilities and brand-building of the markets. Since the launch of the 4-year New Taipei City market project in 2019, the city government has used solid foundation, soft power, and sustainability as the key concepts to create a new paradigm for modern, hygienic, and safe markets that featured smart technology and tourism. From 2019-2022, three old markets have been renovated, and two new markets have been built. Seven brand markets have been created, namely Tamsui Zhongzheng Market, Xizhi Xiu Feng Market, Xindian Central Market, Linkou Market, Xizhi Tourism Night Market, Jinlong Market, and Fangliao Market. These markets provide citizens with unique shopping experiences.

Competent Authority:The Economic Development Department
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