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【SDG 11】Enhancing local industry competitiveness: Sanxia Local Revitalization Center launched

Enhancing local industry competitiveness: Sanxia Local Revitalization Center Launched
To revitalize regional development and promote local industrial upgrading, the New Taipei City Sanxia Creation Local Revitalization Center was officially launched in 2019. The CAN Culture, Art, & Nature, which comprises a team of youths who have returned to their hometown, served as the resource matching platform, connecting multiple cultural units in Sanxia District and creating a community-based, multifield, local industry creation alliance.  The innovative promotion of the local culture to enhance international tourism, the connection of urban and rural brand cultures with the international community, and the innovative application of Sanxia’s centennial craftsmanship were adopted as the goals of local industries incubation. The services provided by the center ensures a more comprehensive entrepreneurial ecology in Taiwan, provides appropriate assistance to new start-up teams, and promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in local industries. The Agriculture Department indicated that New Taipei City has collaborated with social enterprises and local organizations to provide professional resources to coach start-up teams according to their needs, drive industry success through business activities, and revitalize local development.

Competent Authority:Agriculture Department × CAN Culture, Art & Nature
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