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【SDG 11】New Taipei Starry Project

New Taipei Starry Project
Since 2010-2017, New Taipei City has cooperated with the MRT for its 3 ring and 6 Lines development, to promote the overall development plan of the Shining Five-Star, including the Taipei Port Specific Zone, redistribution of the two sides of the flood road, re-deployment of the Tucheng Suspended Development Zone, Intellectual Property Zone in North Xinzhuang and North Xindian Central New Village area. The city government team is actively pursuing best balance and communicating with the people with compassion and patience, to improve the public facilities in the district, to increase the quality of life for residents and to promote the industry for Local development.
The city government continues to put effort on starry project, including the completion of the Jinshan Area City Re-designing Area, Lin Kou City Area Redemption Area and Panqiao 4-7 District. To accommodate the growing population in Taipei, the government has focused on not only the living, commercial land and neighborhood public facilities, but also in response to the current needs from senior and youths. Aligning with the social housing policy, the team hopes to have land for social welfare facilities and for the needs of young, old-age centers on social housing, to implement the right path toward a happy and livable city.

Competent Authority:Department of Land Administration, New Taipei City Government
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